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Stiletto by shotgung0d Stiletto by shotgung0d

Real Name – Belinda Pierce
Age – 27
Height – 5’8”
Weight – 128lbs
Dimensions – 36DD/24/38
Ethnicity – Caucasian
Hair - Blonde (often red though naturally light brown)
Eyes – Blue
Birthplace – Trenton, Nebraska
Current Residence – Angel Falls, USA
Occupation – Exotic Dancer, Contract Killer, Bounty Hunter, “Fixer”

Powers & Abilities

High speed physical regeneration. Wounds to Belinda’s body heal roughly two hundred time faster than that of a normal human. In theory she would not be able to fully grow back severed limbs.

Enhanced reflexes/agility. Near instantaneous reaction time to environmental stimuli and self decided actions. Exceptional balance and physical control.

Enhanced strength. Stiletto can lift as much as a thousand pounds with little effort. Under great strain she has been tested to lift close to one ton.

Martial Arts training. Belinda has received intense training in most all forms of hand to hand and melee weapon fighting styles.

Firearm & Explosive knowledge. Stiletto has operational knowledge of most conventional firearms and has received instruction in the use of tactical explosives.

Special equipment. Entering particularly dangerous situations she commonly dons a specially designed light armor dubbed the “Kill Suit”. This armor consists of a Kevlar mesh bodysuit, armored boots equipped with jump boosters, and gauntlets that project energy based blades. Though not confirmed it is suspected the energy blades are based on alien technology obtained by Organization 52.

Other notes. Relying on her healing factor in over matched fights Belinda has developed an addiction to pain killers often dosing heavily before such encounters. Privately she has had a Morphine injection system built into the kill suit.


After two years of service in the United States Army Belinda received a medical discharge when diagnosed with Acute Leukemia. While in the process of returning home to her parents in Nebraska she was approached by a man named Steven Chance who offered her an opportunity to take part in an experiment that could potentially cure her blood born cancer. Though it sounded too good to be true she accepted without hesitation.

At that point she was taken to a secret military facility in Norfolk Virginia and was introduced to the covert meta-human danger response group named Organization 52. Within hours of her arrival Mr. Chance along with Dr. Marion Conley began the experimental treatment involving the injection of several hundred microscopic robots into Belinda’s bloodstream. The devices had been developed by Mr. Chance and then programed by Dr. Conley to isolate and destroy the cancer producing cells. Over just a couple of days the procedure had been considered a success with no trace of impurities found in her blood sample.

During follow up observation Belinda began a series of violent seizures and eventually slipped into a coma. The scientists responsible for the experiment discovered that the nanites had unexpectedly begun to alter Belinda’s DNA. Steven suspected this had been done intentionally by his geneticist partner Dr. Conley but when asked she denied the claim. Belinda awoke two weeks later feeling better than she could recall ever having felt in her life. Mr. Chance immediately began tests to determine the effects of her genetic alteration and was astonished with what he found.

The nanites had apparently “connected the dots” of an unfinished mutation of Belinda’s genetic structure. She now possessed one of the faster healing factors ever seen by the Organization along with enhanced agility and increased strength. Her increased metabolism even processed muscle building nutrients so quickly the definition of her musculature improved without requiring exercise. Wanting to keep a close watch on her should side effects arise he offered her to join Organization 52 as an agent. She agreed, excited to get an opportunity to try out her new abilities.

Belinda underwent extensive training over the next two years, more than twice the period of standard field agent training, becoming a master of many fighting styles benefitted by her super human agility. During this time she became romantically involved with Steven knowing that he was married to Amanda Wellington-Chance who was also an agent with O52 code-named Strobe. When the affair became known to Strobe she confronted Belinda, who at this point had been coded Stiletto, and a violent altercation followed. Belinda would have to be stopped by six armed soldiers before killing the woman already having amputated Strobe’s right arm and leg with energy blade weapons she had recently been issued.

After this encounter a restructuring took place that separated the involved members. Strobe’s damages would be repaired with synthetic replacements then she and her husband (Idol) divorced. Before being relieved as the O52 head of scientific research Steven discovered that the nanites had been releasing a waste that had been causing a severe chemical imbalance that might have been the cause of Belinda’s behavior. A treatment was then developed to counter this problem.

Rather than being punished for her violent actions against another team member Stiletto was relocated and placed in a unit suspected of handling Organization 52 “wetwork”. The full records of this unit’s activities have never been disclosed and Belinda herself refuses to reveal information when asked.

In 2010 Stiletto was temporarily placed as field director of O52’s Angel Falls operations until later replaced by Idol. Within weeks inner corruption led to both of them being removed from the Organization for more than a year. During this time Belinda depended on Idol for her anti-toxin treatments, in return she performs tasks that require her special covert talents.

The recent crisis at the top leadership levels of Organization 52 has pulled Steven Chance back into it roster. Stiletto has refused to return to the group in favor of her own freelance exploits but given their close past she never refuses when Idol asks for assistance.

Currently Belinda’s works as a freelance contract killer and is earning a reputation for her efficiency and willingness to take on extreme targets. How (or if) this connects to her recent employment as an exotic dancer at Angel Fall’s famed Club Sin is unknown.


Thought it might be finally time to start properly doing some character bios. This must be her best side since it's close to the same view as her last appearance...

Thanks for looking!
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Kmon13 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2015  Student Artist
A lovely figure and a intriguing bio both a exotic dancer and assassin. 
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that's perfect.  terrific hair
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any more of her?
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I think more contract assassins should become exotic dancers.
JessyDee Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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That is a fantastic looking character. How did you get the suit texture to come out so clear? I've been trying something like that for a while and it's just kicking my butt!
leviadragon99 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011
Well... she certainly seems ot be one of grey morality, I wasn't aware that her actions had left Strobe with artificial limbs, I guess the reason she was choosen for the treatment were her cancer and military background...
BaronKastigrOBeefdip Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
andrewr255 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011
Love the bio, the affairs and divorces is a good touch.

I think all her sides are her best sides.
cooltime17 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
"Morphine injection system built into the kill suit" <-- that sounds hand and dangerous.
OmegaSection Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011
Wow. I really LOVE her boots.
And her glasses are wicked too. The seem magically stuck there... are they implanted there, or can she remove them easily?
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Damn. She is a knockout.
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Raddar Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011
Outstanding image. the texture on the suit is incredible.
CapriciousAmber Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011
What a divine silhouette!
I'm really impressed, the Lady is sublime!
RolandGrey Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011
Hm... Hyper-reactive regenerator...

Sounds like she has more in common with War-Cat than Psycho13, though.
efron241 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that is very good
RandomReduX Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She looks fantastic! :D Nice to see another dangerous bombshell is dancing at Club Sin, hehe :D That bodysuit looks awesome.
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